Why Cupcakes & Contour?

Cupcakes & Contour began as my beauty-related group on Facebook, and grew by leaps and bounds so quickly, that I decided I’d turn it into my blog as well! Just like in the Facebook group, this blog will be used to focus on and help YOU! I will review products, talk about some of my favorite things, and so much more! Join the Cupcakes & Contour group on Facebook so you can interact with all the other beautiful fans! Click HERE to join the group!

So why the name Cupcakes & Contour? When trying to choose a name, I did tons of research, thinking, and dreaming at all hours of the day to find a name that I was in love with. Let me tell you, it’s wayyy more stressful than I ever thought it would be! It’s one of those things, kind of like trying to come up with a name for your child; you like a name for a little while but then realize you actually hate it. So I made a list of some of the things I love… the top of the list included food and makeup! I am a sucker for a sweet treat and all things makeup, so Cupcakes & Contour it was! My graphic design pro bestie designed the logo for me, and I fell even more and love!!! So if you love makeup, food, and girl talk… stick around – you’ve found your new home!


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