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Why Maskcara?

If you would have told me a few years ago or even six months ago that I would be loving working in a direct sales business, I would have called you crazy! I have always been one of those people who turn their nose up at any direct sales opportunity, Facebook status or conversation. I always thought they were just pyramid schemes… much like lots of other people think, I’m sure. I had tried my hand at a couple of different direct sales companies through the years, but never really fell in love with them or found my niche with them. They just turned out to be exactly what I thought they work, pyramid schemes all about making money for other people with no support system. Until I found Maskcara Beauty… I have been following the popular “At Home” blogger, Kristyn Cole for a couple of years now. Back in February, she started sharing in one of her Facebook groups Beauty at Home about this makeup line that she had just signed up to be an artist for. She did a couple of videos on it, some Facebook posts, and explained all of the greatness. I had always loved highlighting and contouring, but didn’t have the time it took to do it every single day. I was a new mom, and spending 30 minutes or more on my make up alone every single day was just not logical or doable for me anymore. As much as I love spending time on my face for a date night or special events, I wanted to find a make up that could make me feel beautiful and confident but didn’t take the majority of my morning. I had spent hundreds of dollars at stores like Ulta and Sephora just looking for something that I had decided actually doesn’t exist. But then I heard about Maskcara, and it turned out to be everything I have been searching for and so much more! I had already built a relationship with Kristyn, and I had so much trust in her and really valued her opinions and thoughts. So when I watched one video of her using her HAC Pack and talking about Maskcara, I was instantly sold! I sent her a message and asked her a couple of questions, and realized that becoming an artist was the best choice for me. I won’t lie, I was a little bit hesitant when I first signed up because it was a direct sales company, but let me tell you that Maskcara Beauty is unlike any other direct sales company in the world! And I don’t just say that because I’m an artist. The support you receive from the entire company including Cara, the founder herself, is absolutely insane. The sisterhood of all of the artists on my team is unbelievable and gives me chills every time I think about it.

Have you ever heard that you didn’t actually know a part of your life was missing until you found it and realized it was everything you ever needed? Well that’s what Maskcara is for me and so many others! As a new mom, but also a business owner I knew that I had to represent myself and not look like I had just rolled out of bed every single day when I went to work. But I had kind of given up on being able to have a full face of makeup every single day because I felt like I had to choose between time with my family and doing my make up in the morning, and obviously like everyone else; I would choose time with my family! But with Maskcara I can have the best of both worlds. It takes me under five minutes to have a full face every single day because the HAC Pack saves me so many steps. Multiple layers on my face are not necessary anymore. Even wearing less make up and less product, I feel more confident than ever when I wear Maskcara makeup. I signed up to be an artist in the beginning of February, and I haven’t looked back! This business has gone nowhere but up for me, my team is growing like wildfire which I never expected, and honestly I’m not even sure how it happened! All of these people just fell in love with the products and what the company stands for! It’s amazing and it sounds cliché when I say it but it is so true, this product literally sells itself! This is such a new company, and I think that’s a positive thing as well. Other cosmetic direct sales companies have hundreds of thousands of artists, but Maskcara just has a few thousand right now; so it is super exclusive and new! Everyone is getting in on the ground level right now and it’s absolutely amazing to see other people succeed! I truly believe that everyone could be successful as a Maskcara artist. If you’re interested in learning more about the products or becoming an artist, just contact me and I would love to add you to my team, The Cupcake Crew! Our friendships are growing stronger every single day and I would hate for you to miss out on another minute of this amazing opportunity! Opportunities like this don’t come very often and I would hate for it to pass you by! Let’s get you started gorgeous!



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