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Maskcara Beauty’s 1st Birthday

This Wednesday, we’ll all sing Happy Birthday at the top of our lungs to Maskcara Beauty!!! This company has been rolling out some amazing makeup for a couple of years, but this week, they’ll celebrate 1 year of being in direct sales. 1 year of artists all over the country promoting their products, 1 year of making women feel more confident, 1 year of sisterhood & love, 1 year of giving families extra income, 1 year of changing lives… 1 year of AMAZING!

Anyone who joins as an artist this Wednesday 1/17 ONLY will receive this beautiful 26694317_10204040222402785_159517078_nTriple Decker Artist Palette for FREE! That’s a $70 value, absolutely free – this is great for storing all of the makeup you’ll get with your artist kit to use for personal use or for doing makeovers on all of your favorite ladies. Let me tell you, it’s even more beautiful in person – yes, you need it.

Here are a few stories from fellow artists on my team sharing their Maskcara stories:

I joined Maskcara Beauty as an independent artist 6 months ago with no intention of going deeper than my artist kit. I quickly realized how this makeup sells itself. My IMG_5254friends were drawn to this new technique and wanted to try it out just like I did. Then my family. Then people ive never met. As a SAHM that had just walked away from my career, I had no idea how selling these products would bring a sense of purpose (other than my sweet kids) to me in this household. Products were selling like crazy and I had a growing team all of a sudden! Now those teammates are my dear friends and sisters in business. I’m able to pay our mortgage every month and ease a little stress. What started out as something fun and a new type of makeup to try has turned into a side business for my family. Maskcara is changing my family’s trajectory. I will say, since I’ve started this journey my husband and I have changed our 5 year plan… it looks amazing!! My hope is that everyone who is looking for growth, change, inspiration will look into Maskcara, do her research on the business model and mission and ask about our comp plan. I’m so, so grateful that I took that scary leap 6 months ago. It’s proves to be anything but scary.” – Shannon Smith

“ONE of my reasons for starting this journey was the ability to travel home to visit family. My dad was diagnosed with frontal lobal dementia and it’s important for me to see him! My fear was that nobody would buy or care because I wasn’t known as the makeup girl. I finally just signed up because I need girlfriends in my life that I can talk to daily! (Thanks girls!)” – Erin Potter

“I was in a new mommy rut back in February when I joined. My daughter had just turned 1 and as much as I loved her, my daily routine was the exact same. Wake up,IMG_5275 take care of her, clean the house, go to bed. I had lost myself and had nothing to get excited about anymore. I had just started to get really into makeup. Something id always loved but was slowly learning more about and getting better at from YouTube videos. I’ll never forget the day my now upline, Kristyn Cole, commented on this photo telling me how beautiful I looked and I should consider being an artist. We were really tight on money at the time but after a few weeks of research, talking with my husband and serious thought, I invested in the basic kit, took a chance on myself, and signed up! Maskcara has allowed me to find myself again outside of my family and my day to day routine. It’s given me a new found confidence, a whole group of new best friends, and on top of that…I’ve made a lot of money! I push products that I truly believe in and that truly work for me! It’s been the best business decision for me and I’m so thankful for this company!” – Jena Jones (my bestie!)

I joined Maskcara on Sept 1, 2017 just one month after first trying the product. I have never been a makeup girl. I didn’t know how to make my makeup look beautiful and I didn’t have the time to learn or even do it. I am a mama of 2 beautiful girls, wife and I also work full time! I was terrified to pay for the starter kit but Maskcara helped me find my inner beauty again, my boss babe. I have learned I am aloud to look beautiful and still be a mom. My confidence has sky rocketed and I wanted to share that with anyone I could. I never dreamed my business would grow to where it is in just 4 months. I have been able to build a nest egg in savings for my family but I have also CHANGED lives. Seem dramatic? It’s not, I assure you. I get countless messages from women telling me how beautiful they feel and how much they love Maskcara, how they feel beautiful again. You see, Maskcara doesn’t create beauty it enhances. Which is what it has done for me, inside and out! It’s time to find yours!” – Amber Starkey

“The reason I joined Maskcara in the beginning was kind of superficial. I wasn’t img_7531.pnglooking to make a ton of money or friends, I just wanted more product for pretty Instagram shots and a discount for myself. I had followed Cara for years, and had been using the 3D foundation for about a year and a half and was getting my family and friends hooked so I thought, why not? I’ll sign up. God turned a 199 kit into a vision for me pretty much overnight. I got my kit, went live, and immediately started connecting with women all over the US, color matching left and right, and showing them their true beauty. My “why” quickly changed. My why now, is to show every woman how beautiful she is regardless of race, skin type, age, etc! And by doing this, I’ve been compensated, even though that was never the motivating factor for me! Since joining in May of 2017, I have quit my corporate job and “work” full time as a wife and DIYer 😂 and “work” whenever I want as a Maskcara artist. I am loving the freedom Maskcara has given to me in this season of life!” – Kaytie Gaus (also a bestie of mine that I met through Maskcara!)

There are SO many more “why’s” I could share. Trust me, you will not regret the decision to become a Maskcara artist. Maybe you’re looking for some girlfriends, maybe you’re a mom that wants something that is just yours, maybe you want some extra spending or savings money, maybe you’re looking for products to promote at your business… no matter what your reason is right now, YOU can do! Join us!

Want more info: click HERE for a pdf with some more artist info.

Ready to join? (remember you get the FREE palette on 1/17): click HERE & select “Become an Artist”

If you have anymore questions or want some more info, let me know; I’m happy to help you! Just like our mission statement says, with Maskcara, you can “have your cake and eat it too!” Let’s celebrate!



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