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Secret Garden Cupcakes

These super cute Secret Garden Cupcakes are perfect for Spring and even Summer! They are great for chocolate lovers, have a crushed Oreo “dirt” topping, and are topped off with a secret surprise – a strawberry!


I used the Pillsbury moist supreme chocolate cake mix for my cupcakes, but any brand will work. I prefer this cake mix because it doesn’t taste dry, and truly tastes homemade. Make the cupcakes according to the box’s directions. I found this handy-dandy cupcake scoop from Sweet Creations, and I love it! It measures out the perfect cupcake-sized scoop every time. Click to read 9 Tips for Making the Perfect Cupcake to make your Secret Garden Cupcakes even better!



While the cupcakes are cooking, crush up your Oreo cookies. Let cupcakes cool completely, and then put your frosting on them. For the frosting, I used the Milk Chocolate frosting from Pillsbury as well. Hollow out the center of each cupcake to make room for the strawberry surprise that will be the hidden secret in the center.


After you’ve hollowed out the center, top each cupcake with the crushed Oreo cookies. This is your “dirt.” For the final step, insert a strawberry into the hollowed out part of each cupcake. Enjoy!



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