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Spring Makeup Look

Spring is one of my favorite seasons, and peachy/pinky tones are some of my favorites things… so that’s why I’m in love with this Spring makeup look! All of the products I use for this gorgeous look are Maskcara Beauty, my all-time favorite makeup brand. This look is super simple, and I know you all will love it too! If you don’t have Maskcara products, you can browse and order them HERE. This look is obtainable with other products as well, you just have to find similar shades.


For the Eyes:

I used Frenchie lip/cheek for a base, Valencia all over my lid, Mi Hija in my crease and outer corner, Bright Eyes in the middle of my lid, and Sabrina in my inner corner. I applied it all with Maskcara’s double-ended eyeshadow brush that I’m obsessed with.

For the Cheeks:

I used Maskcara’s double-ended blush/bronzer brush to apply Frenchie lip/cheek to my cheeks. You could also use it on your lips! I used the fluffy side of the same brush and finished off with a dusting of Cayman Bronzer to give me a subtle tan glow!

I created this palette using Maskcara’s palette builder on their website. It’s all ready for you to purchase HERE. All you have to do is add it to your cart… so simple!



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