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7 Days of Dirty Hair

If you know me, you know I never wash my hair… like ever. I’m talking like 2 weeks without washing it. Whenever someone compliments my hair, they’re always shocked when they find out just how dirty it is. I always get asked how I go so long, so I thought I would answer all of your questions here.

I don’t remember the last time I only went 7 days without washing my hair, but when you first start “training” your hair to be dirty, 7 days is a good goal to work towards. If you’re new to training your hair, I recommend just going 2-3 days in between washes for a few weeks; depending on how oily your hair gets. My hair never gets greasy looking (thanks for that, mom!), so I have always been able to go a long time between washes. Here is a breakdown of my 7 days of dirty hair:

Day 1: Wash hair & style (I usually do some beach waves, but always start with it styled down – don’t do all that hard work for nothing).

Day 2: Run a wet brush through the curls & touch up any curls that need it.

Day 3: By day 3, my hair is probably getting on my nerves being down all the time; so I’ll usually do a quick side braid. On night 3, I put some dry shampoo in my roots so it can work in while I sleep.

Day 4: If it’s a weekday & I’m teaching dance, I’ll usually go for a side braid again (or braided pigtails) because it’s quick & easy. If it’s a weekend & I feel like fixing my hair, I’ll curl it.

Day 5: Messy bun – my fave! Pull some side pieces down & you look like you tried. I recently got bangs, so I’ll sometimes keep my bangs down with my messy mom bun… super cute! Dry shampoo at night.

Day 6: Same as day 5 (told you this was easy!)

Day 7: I may do a side braid or braided pigtails again or a messy bun, but I’ll definitely be wearing a hat. If you throw a hat into your hair “training” rotation, you can go for a few more days!

If you’re just starting to train your hair, don’t go 7 days between washes in the beginning; that’ll be a greasy mess! However, if you stick to a routine and make dry shampoo your best friend… you may never wash your hair until next month! I’m kidding… kind of.



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