Vacation Planning Tips

Summer is sneaking up faster than we think. Before we know it, school will be out and it’ll be time for Summer fun! My family doesn’t have any vacations planned for this Summer yet, but I know so many of you are probably planning ahead. I am a planner for sure, and I am all about planning ahead. So, when we plan our vacation, just like everything else in my life; I love to have a plan.

In case any of you are like me… I have put together some vacation planning tips to help you out! Let me know if you have any tips we could add to the list.

  • Once you figure out where you’re going, make a list of the things you want to do for sure
  • If you’re driving, get the car washed and oil changed
  • Pack a snack basket for the car as well as some water bottles and your other favorite drinks
  • Make a packing list for each member of your family to be sure you don’t forget anything (it’s the worst when you have to go to the store when you first get to your destination because you forgot something… trust me, it’s happened)
  • If you’re driving, plan for stops. If the whole family’s going, someone’s going to have to go to the bathroom sooner or later
  • If you’re going to stay in a house or hotel room that has a kitchen, plan some meals ahead of time if you’re planning to stay in some days instead of going out to eat
  • Search Pinterest for your destination, and see what kind of fun things there are to do there
  • If you’re traveling with small children, my husband and I like to leave for our vacations at night. Our daughter is 18 months, and we always try to leave close to her bedtime, and she’ll sleep the whole way!
  • Don’t forget sunscreen! This is always my biggest mistake

One of our favorite vacation spots is the beach because it’s easy. We have a beach about 3 hours away, and another that’s about 4 hours away. That’s usually our go-to Summer vacay. Since we haven’t been on vacation yet this year, here’s some pictures from our baby girl’s first trip to the beach last Summer!


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