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What’s In My Clutch?

Last Summer, Maskcara released one of the most innovative makeup compacts I’ve ever seen… The Clutch. This real Italian leather clutch/wallet holds cards, cash, and even makeup brushes in the front part. Then unzip the backside, and all of your dreams come true! A magnetic compact that holds all of the makeup you need for the day and more… and it has a mirror – perfect for touch-ups or getting ready on the go. Using my clutch and my Maskcara 3D foundation, I can get ready faster than I can fill my car up with gas – trust me, I’ve done it several times.


The Clutch is perfect for the Summer and all of the other seasons too. You can take it to the pool, the beach, or the line at Target and touch up your makeup or just your lipstick throughout the day. If you oversleep in the morning, just grab your clutch and get ready in the drop-off line at school or in the parking lot before going into work. It’s super fast and super easy!

You can purchase your very own Clutch by clicking HERE.

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