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Traveling with Kiddos

We all know that Summer is the prime time to vacation, and a few weeks ago, we did just that! Due to my husband’s work schedule, he couldn’t travel with us this year… but my daughter and I escaped to the beach for a few days with my in-laws, and we had the best time! My daughter is 19 months old, so I was a little worried about traveling with her in the car by myself, but she did great. On the drive to the beach, she slept almost the entire time. We hit tons of traffic on the drive home, so she was a little irritable at times, but that was totally understandable.

I asked my Instagram followers (follow me HERE) for the best tips on traveling with IMG_0160kids, and I’m so excited to share some of the tips with you all today. I will also share some tips that I found online before our trip, as well as some tips from my personal experience.

  • Have snacks on had at all times. (I will have to agree that the sun makes me SO hungry for some reason.)
  • Use antibacterial wipes to wipe down the table, chair, airplane tray, etc. to keep your kiddos clean and germ-free.
  • Pack 2 diaper bags with extra essentials so you can just grab and go!
  • A month (or more) ahead of time, start picking up small treat or activities for your kids to have in the car or on the IMG_0212plane. That way, it’ll all be NEW to them & they will stay occupied.
  • Baby powder to remove the sand… this is a necessity.
  • Pack sunscreen (obviously) and be sure to reapply very often! We currently use the Babyganics brand and love it.
  • If you’re going to be in the sun a lot, a hat is great to shield your child’s sweet face from the sun.


Pinterest has SO many tips as well. What are some other tips you have for traveling with kids? Enjoy your vacay!

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