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What is Your Why?

Being a Maskcara artist has been one of my greatest blessings. Not only is it an amazing company, but I have made some of the greatest girlfriends since I began this journey. Maskcara has opened up so many opportunities for myself and my family, not only because we have more financial freedom BUT because it has allowed me to live out my “purpose” even more.

I have always known that I wanted to open a dance studio and work with kids. I love teaching dance, but I love impacting the lives of my students even more! The love I have for my students and the love they have for me is like no other. Being a Maskcara artist allows me to impact people as well… only they’re women and not kids. As a Maskcara artist, I love that I can help women feel beautiful and confident. If we are more confident women, we can be better mothers, wives, sisters, and friends. When I added Maskcara Beauty into my life, it made me even more complete. Each morning, I can HAC my face and head to the studio to teach my kiddos with more self-confidence than ever before. Isn’t it crazy how makeup can do that?!


I asked other artists on my team to share their Maskcara Why, and I can’t wait for you to read how Maskcara is changing lives everyday. If you would like more information on joining our team, click HERE. Let’s change your life, babe!

“I joined Maskcara because I was unhappy and miserable with the way my life was going and I had nothing to look forward to. Maskcara became my saving grace by becoming a hobby to apply myself to. It was about my happiness and nothing else. Over the last year I have battled some pretty intense battles within myself and in my life. It was the only thing that truly became a home for me. Even more importantly it surrounded me by so many beautiful women that inspired me to reach out to other women like myself who may be going through some of the same things I am going through. I will share that I am a victim of child sexual assault and I have been battling that since I was a young girl. I fell as though Maskcara has given me a source to empower myself and be able to share a strength that many of us go through by just simply making women feel beautiful.” 

– Clarissa Rawlinson

“My kids are older and I needed something for ME. I need a way to help save for our retirement without being away from home and family. My father has been diagnosed with frontal lobal dementia and I need a way to make money to travel to see him as much as I can. I need to start a fund in honor of our first born to help mamas while they “live” in the hospital with their sick babies 💜
I have a few whys for sure.”

– Erin Potter

If you would like to learn more about this business and hear more “whys,” then the event we have coming up will be perfect for you! Contact me with any questions or to join the online event!

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