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I know we’re all about good brows. I feel like they can make or break any makeup look. If I can wake up with perfect brows… sign me up! I was so excited to team up with Megan Shoemaker Brows in Charlotte, NC to get my eyebrows microbladed. She was amazing, and I highly recommend her! I asked my Instagram and Facebook followers to ask any questions they had during the process, so today, I’m finally here to answer them for you.

Does it hurt?

I would not describe it as painful, but uncomfortable. However, it is not uncomfortable the whole time. For me, the discomfort was mainly while she was creating the arch of my brow. On a scale from 1 to 10, the discomfort never got above a 3 or 4; so not bad at all! She numbed me twice, and after the second time, I couldn’t feel anything. The actual microblading part only took about 40 minutes, so it’s totally worth it and not bad at all!

How do I know if microblading is right for me?

Microblading is great for all skin types even super oily girls. Your microblading technician may just have to adjust a couple of things, but she should go over all of that with you before hand and get the perfect plan figured out for your brows.



The aftercare has been super easy! She gave me a special soap that I wash my brows with in the morning and at night, and then an antibiotic ointment that I apply on them with a Q-tip after washing them and after they’ve dried. In the first couple of days when my eyebrows were a little bit itchy, I applied the ointment three times.

Is there anything in particular you need to do before having microblading done?

My girl suggested no caffeine or coffee the day of, but that’s it! Cutting out caffeine on the morning of helps you to not bleed as much.


I think the price varies by area and by technician. However, do not pick a microblading technician just because they are the cheapest. Cheaper isn’t always better… this is your face after all! In my opinion, it’s an amazing investment. You won’t have to fill in your eyebrows for like a whole year, so take all my money!

How long does it take?

The appointment was two hours, but the actual microblading part only took about 40 minutes. She drew out and measured several times to create the perfect brow shape for my face, and then the first pass of numbing cream has to sit for 20 minutes before the microblading begins. After the first round of microblading, she applied more numbing cream, and then microbladed any other areas that need it.

How long will your brows last?

Depending on how you take care of your eyebrows, they could last anywhere between 12 to 18 months. However, after about 8 or 9 months, they will start to fade; so some people choose to get them touched up then.

Do you still get your eyebrows waxed after microblading to keep the shape?

Yes. After your eyebrows have completely healed, you can continue getting them waxed, threaded, or keep them maintained however you have in the past. You will just groom them at the shape of your new and improved eyebrows.


Please do your research before choosing microblading technician – look at before and afters of their work, ask them questions, etc. If you are anywhere near the Charlotte, NC to use my girl Megan Shoemaker, then I HIGHLY recommend her! My brows should be completely healed in a couple of days (it takes about 2 weeks), so I’ll keep you posted. At the 4-6 week mark, I’ll go back in for a touch-up appointment and then I’ll be set until next year!

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