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Tips from my Insta Peeps for Drinking More Water…

I have been on a journey for the past couple of months to become the best me – getting healthy, having a positive attitude, loving myself, going to the gym… One thing I struggle the most with is drinking enough water. I just get tired of the taste and, most of the time, would rather just drink sweet tea. I’ve heard you should drink at least half of your body weight in ounces each day – that is so hard for me!

So, last Monday, I posted on my Instagram stories asking for tips on how to get my water in… and WOW my followers came through! I have combined all of your suggestions here in one post so I can refer back to them, and I hope it encourages you as well!

  • get a cute cup
  • add in mint leaves
  • drink Propel or another flavored water
  • add lemon
  • lots of ice (this is so helpful for me, I cannot drink warm water)
  • water enhancer/flavoring (right now I’m doing the lemonade flavor by Stir)
  • a big cup like a Yeti & aim to drink at least 2-3 per day
  • limes
  • download an app that reminds you to drink water
  • use a water bottle that has markings (time of day or ounces) to help you track
  • add in fruits (I did strawberries the other day and it was pretty good)
  • drink a cup as soon as you wake up and before each meal


I’m so thankful for all of your tips, and I’d love to hear more if you have them! Cheers!

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