Princess Birthday Party

I am now officially a mom of a three year old! Time really does fly by, and we had the BEST time celebrating our girl a few weekends ago. Months before her birthday, she requested a princess party – but I knew I didn’t want to do the traditional Disney princess party.

This was Caroline’s first birthday since her baby brother was born, so I felt like we had to have a great party for her and really make her feel special! My husband’s Nanny is famous for making the most gorgeous tissue paper flowers, so I asked her to make enough to fill a wall with them… and my party decor inspiration stemmed from there. I’ve always done a photo area at Caroline’s party, and this year’s flower/balloon arch wall was definitely my favorite so far!

I had this party planned for awhile, but since we have a newborn at home too, time got away from me. So, I waited until the last minute to order most of the decorations. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime! The party was in the afternoon, so we kept it pretty simple with the food: fruit wands, confetti popcorn (this was a HIT), chips and dip, princess goldfish, pink lemonade, and cupcakes.

I asked Caroline who she wanted to invite to her party, and the only person she wanted there was Elsa. Not even mommy or daddy… just Elsa. So, I ordered a dress from Amazon, hired one of my dance teachers… and we had an Elsa!! Seeing Caroline’s face light up when she saw Elsa was the sweetest thing ever! She was SO excited! Her second favorite thing besides Elsa is the Tumblebus that comes to her school weekly, so we had that there too!

It was such a great party, and everyone had the best time celebrating our sweet girl. Here’s to year 3!

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