Let’s Get Organized!

Something about a new year makes me want to purge and organize everything. Go through and get rid of clothes, reorganize cabinets, clean the fridge… you name it. I started this past weekend by doing a HUGE purge in my closet and getting my hot mess of a linen closet organized. Our master bedroom closet is pretty small and we have always struggled with keeping it organized and making all of our stuff fit. So I got rid of 4 bags of clothes and reorganized, and I am hoping it will work better! Here is a little before an after – not great but SO much better!


I also ordered these organizing bins from Amazon (pack of 8 for just $25) and reorganized the linen closet. I didn’t get rid of much in there, but it looks so much better now that it’s all organized in the bins.


If you are wanting to stay more organized this year, I have some provided some tips below that will hopefully help you out. One of my favorite ways to stay organized is with a planner – I could NOT live without one. I have used the Plum Paper planners for 3 years and I love them more each time I order. I highly recommend them!

  • set a laundry day every week (I need to work on this!)
  • pick up the house each night before bed
  • use containers to sort/organize your drawers
  • develop a morning & evening routine
  • plan your meals ahead of time
  • clean your makeup brushes weekly
  • give everything a place in your home
  • make your bed as soon as you wake up
  • get rid of clothes your don’t wear
  • throw away old makeup, jewelry, toiletries, etc. that you don’t use

There are so many ways to organize your home, but I hope these will be a good start for you! Let me know some of your favorite ways to organize!

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